1. Chandler Bing’s one liners (part 1)

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    8-Bit FRIENDS.

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    Best backstory. (x)

    You know…for a second there…his head shape led me to believe he could be Phineas’s father.

    whA T

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    remember this

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  13. Anonymous said: What does toe jam "jam out" to? I'm not that original anon. I'm just seizing an opportunity.



    omg. gET OUT OF HERE WITH YOUR PUNS AND YOUR POssible set up for a really good joke? Is this a joke? If so what is the punch line here???

    I was gonna go for some soft sock-n-roll



  14. Anonymous said: Oopth sorry but I was just wondering have u ever liked a straight girl? Like I really like this girl now she's perfect and beautiful but she's straight? How do u deal? What was your experience? I need help pls.... (I think you've said u r gay before sorry if I'm wrong)

    Hey no need to apologize, friend! I should apologize because this took me WAY too long to write ://////
    But yes I am very gay and yes I have fallen for a straight girl before. I’ve been in the exact same situation you’re in right now and I know exactly how you feel.
    Now in your question, you said you wanted to hear my experience. I will gladly tell you what I went through but I’m just warning you before you read what happened: it doesn’t end well. However there is a happy epilogue to this story so after the bad part, keep reading…it gets better(???i guess).
    So here’s my story:
    I became friends with this girl in 6th grade. She was amazingly nice, super funny, and she understood me more than my other friends did (well I though she did? Idk of that’s true or???idk). I slowly became better friends with her that year and by 7th grade we were best friends. However around November/December of that year, I noticed that I started to develop like real feelings for her. At first I just kinda assumed that the way I felt was just how all best friends about each other. A little while later I learned that most best friends don’t want to date their most likely straight best friend. Anyway, I just assumed these feelings were just me growing up so naturally I pushed those feelings down and desperately tried to have a crush on any straight guy that existed (note: never do that). Over time, the feelings for her kept coming back up and I kept trying to push them down so no one would know I was secretly very gay until sometime around November in 8th grade. I had gotten home and I was texting this girl and she said “is it bothering you that we aren’t as close as we used to be” and I had. But I told her not really and then she said that she has been and she didn’t think we should be friends anymore so I cried a lot and texted literally everyone I know telling them how sad I was. The thing is though, I told one of my friends that the thing that would make me the most sad is that she wouldn’t say “I love you” to me anymore (she said it a lot, it was a thing, idk) and so that friend was like “are you gay dude” and I was like “ehhh fuck…yeah”. And after that I still had feelings for her and I was convinced that I would never get over her…and that’s how my first and last straight girl crush went.
    So you must be thinking “Jillian, you said this story had a happy epilogue to it? How could ur life get any better after that”

    WELL, after that whole thing everything went uphill.
    1. I realized that I would never ever fall for a straight girl ever again ever.
    2. During the summer after eighth grade (aka the worst grade of school so far), I met a girl on tumblr and we dated (which was pretty rad)
    3. After that, I found out that there are soooo many gay girls in the world, there’s gonna be so many that will like you.

    What I’m saying is, you can’t help who you fall for, I understand that. So if you fell for a straight girl, it happens. But maybe just try to find a gay girl that you like and start developing crush on her????is that terrible advice?
    Idk, just be careful and don’t keep expecting that you’re gonna date that person eventually. I kept in that mindset for years and it ruined me. Just stay safe!! I believe in you, friend!! Also I hope this kinda helps!! :)))))


  15. Anonymous said: What does toe jam "jam out" to? I'm not that original anon. I'm just seizing an opportunity.

    omg. gET OUT OF HERE WITH YOUR PUNS AND YOUR POssible set up for a really good joke? Is this a joke? If so what is the punch line here???